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Hayate no Gotoku! ch248

After realizing Athena is on a different league of power. Isumi decides to retreat with everyone else, I must comment however that her attacks last chapter WERE ABSOLUTELY FREAKING AWESOME!!! Advertisements

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Hayate no Gotoku! ch222-224

I have mixed feelings about this chapters which concluded a small Hinagiku mini-arc. On one side, it was hilarious as hell, on the other side, despite being awesome, Hinagiku’s shyness is REALLY getting annoying to the point where its cuteness … Continue reading

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Kobato 05 – IT GLOWS!

Episode 5 of Kobato was really good! I know I’ve said before how Kobato was my SUTEKI (wonderful) anime for this season due to its light hearted slice of life moments which greatly remind me of Aria, but this episode … Continue reading

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11Eyes 06 – WTF am I watching!?

Episode 6 of super generic yet enjoyable 11Eyes has made me grow a great hate towards Yuka. Despite being a clingy bitch she is now a jealous clingy bitch >_> Seriously she gets on my nerves and when is she … Continue reading

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Starting up

Im Game8910, and im going to use this blog to vent out all the fanboyism in me. SO LETS GO!!!

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